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My Path is to learn and share!

... our highest freedom resides in the possibility of being conscious and kind

My life has been a versatile journey that has turned into the path of Yoga. I dedicates most of my life to this practice: learning, teaching, sharing and experiencing this philosophy from different perspectives.

I studied Contemporary Dance Arts and worked for several years as a dance teacher, choreographer and performer. At the same time I began studying holistic body practices in 2001 which is when I was first introduced to yoga.

In 2006 my life drastically changed as I began working in the corporate world and decided to stop dancing. A short time after that, I picked back up my yoga practice and moved heavily into both Yoga and Pilates.

In 2010 I finished my Pilates Teacher Training Certification additionally in the same year I completed a 250 Hours Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training in Kasasana Yoga School, both in Costa Rica.

In 2011, driven by my passion for both disciplines, with a dream of sharing this path and aware of the potential of business growing in Costa Rica market, I decided to open my own studio: EnPrana Yoga & Pilates Center. While running the studio, between 2011 and 2013, I completed the Anusara ® Yoga Immersions I, II and III as well as the Anusara ® Yoga teacher Trainings I, II and III, studying with recognized teachers as Jaye Martin, BJ Galvan and Layla Kuri. In addition to those certifications, I also completed other Yoga Courses in Costa Rica at schools such as Krama Yoga, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, and  Namaste Yoga Studioi. Complimentary to Yoga, I also  studied Pilates Teacher Trainings I & III with Elena Bartley from Pilates Center of Las Vegas.

Starting 2012 I became quite interested in Ashtanga. I started practicing with Mariela Cruz and through the years I have practiced and taken workshops with renowned teachers such as Matias Flury, Patrick Nolan, Gabriele Severini and Tim Feldman. In 2019, I met Patri Raisanen in Goa, with whom I practiced 6 days a week for one month. Later on, in 2019 also, I had the gift to be able to practice with Ty Landrum and Mary Taylor for one week. This two recent experiences changed completely my approach to my Ashtanga Practice and the way to share and teach.

I consider of great value the combination of Iyengar and Ashtanga methods, which I practice together with Pranayama, chanting, meditation and Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali, reason why since 2012 that I traveled to India for the first time, I have kept visiting and studying with my Iyengar teacher Usha Devi, and my philosophy teacher, Siddhartha Krishna. 


Traveling to India has transformed my life. I have also lived, practiced and studied for short periods in Ashrams like Parmarth Niketan and Sadhaka Grama Swami Rama Ashram. I am passionate about Mantra Chanting and playing the harmonium (on a very amateur yet devotional way) which I started to learn on my last visit to India in 2017.

In Costa Rica I had  two important  teachers that provided a great foundation to my path, Rodolfo Carrillo, who introduced me in the art of self observation and mindfulness, and Atma Crista, whom introduced me to the method of Ashtanga from a non dogmatic perspective.

I have studied many additional courses such as Acroyoga, Breema, Partner Yoga and Thai Massage, with teachers like Justin Carusso and Atma Crista. Also, in 2014, in one of my travels to India,  I have completed a certification in Ayurvedic Massage. In 2016 I completed a certification as a Health Coach in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition®. 

Besides the presencial courses, I  have also taken online Continuing Education Courses with Yogic Studies®, and currently studying other courses with, YogaUOnline and EmbodiedPhilosophy. Currently I am studying a 5 months program of Shamanic Energy Healing with The Four Winds school.


In 2015 I started traveling the world, exploring, teaching and learning the discipline of Yoga. At the beginning of 2017 I have completed a 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India.


In 2017, I moved to New Jersey and together with the love of my life (now my husband), we directed a Yoga Studio: Balance Yoga Studio. We ran the business together for about 1 year, teaching classes and workshops, and giving Health Coaching Sessions, until we realized this was not our passion or dream life.


We moved to Costa Rica in 2018 and founded a school that was aligned with our vision and with our purpose. Currently most of my efforts are focused on our school  Sacred Self School of Yoga. The main purpose of this is school is to share ancestral wisdom, transformational experiences and knowledge through specialized courses for Yoga teachers or committed practitioners, such us CEUs and YTTs. 

I believe in the bio-individuality of the human, reason why I don't agree that one system or method fits all. I am always looking for nurturing myself and keeping my practice of Ashtanga, conscious movement, pranayama, healing dance, all supported by the knowledge of alignments I learnt from Iyengar method and biomechanics courses, plus the energetics of pranayamas and chanting, the subtle work of rituals and energetic activations, and sharing my experience and knowledge from a place of non-attachment but self-truth. I believe that our highest freedom resides in the possibility of been conscious and kind and put our gifts for the benefit of all.


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