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"Let your inner Sun shine"




Yan White

Passionate multi-instrumental musician, sound journey creator, circle singing facilitator and Yoga instructor, who provides space for healing through sound experiences. 

Luana Fara

In love with the process of learning and teaching, and commited to enjoyfully everything she does. She is dedicated  to Yoga, Health and Travel, which are the drivers of her life.

Sat June 11th, 2016

From 10am to 3pm


Old Street, London

About the workshop

Let your Inner Sun shine is a journey into your creative and expressive self. Through asana, organic movement, meditation, sound healing, kirtan and mantra chanting you will access an expanded state from which your inner light can shine!


We will study the foundations of the Tattvas and Gunas from Yoga Philosophy and the Panchamahabhutas from Ayurvedic Science to understand how they relate to each other and how they manifest in our daily lives.


There are different energies flowing through the body and mind representing the qualities of the elements, depending on the way we activate and open our energetic channels. Those elements are: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.


We will sequence yoga postures with proper and healthy alignment according to biomechanics. The true asana begins when ease and effort are in balance, opening the space of the present. In that space we can move the energy with awareness, understanding how the 5 elements manifest in our being.


From here we will start flowing through Organic Movement, developing different qualities of movements in the body, stimulated by the breath, sounds and music, especially created and selected to awaken these qualities. We will flow through designed sequences of movement for each element, and also work on improvisation, guided by instructions.


In the second part of the workshop we will develop a more subtle awareness through the experience and expression of sound (Nada Yoga). The sense of hearing is associated with inner seeing and the parasympathetic nervous system, and is one of the important pathways to meditation. We will explore vocal toning (chakra sounds and Bhija mantras), and their vibratory effect on our physical and energetic system. We will also look at Pranayamas, Mudras and Bhandas relating to Nada Yoga, with the objective of absorbing and harnessing the energies awakened through movement.


The workshop concludes with a blissful extended Savasana and sound journey facilitated by Yan and Luana, followed by a short kirtan. The sound journey will include singing bowls, acoustic instruments, voice and layered soundscape elements to support a deep healing state of meditation.




10:00 Opening with Kirtan

10:20 Introduction to Tattvas and Gunas Theory (Yoga Philosophy perspective) Introduction to Pancha Maha Bhuta Theory (Ayurveda Philosophy perspective). Discussion on Relation between both Theories


11:00 Asana, Organic Movement and Pranayama


12:15 Lunch break

13:00 Vocal Toning (chakra sounds, Bhija mantras, Om bath) and listening to the inner sound

13:30 Pranayama, Bandhas and Mudras for Nada Yoga

14:00 Sound Journey


14:40 Closing Kirtan

When & Where:

Saturday June 11th 

Tara Yoga Center 25-31 Ironmonger Row,

Old Street EC1V 3QW




Earlybird price £40 if you register before 27th May

Please contact to make payment

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Yoga poses allow you to create stability and balance through control of the body.


Luana, will guide us through creative sequences of basic asana (all levels wellcomed), with proper alignment, focused on preparing the body for transcending the mind. Open your energetic channels through the awareness of the body so you can let your soul shine.


An example of Luana´s practice in this video:

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Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga means union through sound. We will discover the philosophy and the relation of physical and subtle inner sounds. Learn how these sounds can be used as part of yoga and meditation practice, and the qualities of sounds relating to the Pancha Maha Bhutas (5 Elements).


Mantra and Vocal Toning

We will explore the use of mantras, chakra sounds, seed (bhija) syllables and vowel sounds for healing and enhancing awareness



Specific pranayama practices for exploring the inner sound and creating resonance


Sound Journey

A sound journey is an immersion into sound, an opportunity to rest in savasana and let the inner ear open, bringing a healing theta state to the brain and positive vibrations to the body. The sense of hearing is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxation, rest and inner seeing. This is a chance to simply let go at the end of the workshop and be guided through your own inner landscape.


Using a mixture of acoustic instruments and gentle electronic sounds an immersive experience is created to bring balance, grounding and cleansing. Allow yourself to be soothed by the sounds of himalayan bowls, bells, shakers, shaman drum, open-tuned guitar, flute, gentle drones and vocal mantras. Through sonic vibration we activate the resonance of the inner (anahata) sound that is waiting to be discovered..


We will close the workshop with a short kirtan (songs sung call and response-style in Sanskrit with Harmonium)


Listen to some of Yan´s music:

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Listen to your soul through the silence of your mind.


Yan and Luana will guide us through intuitive movements and organic sequences to access a freedom state from which our inner Sun can shine!




Yan White, London, UK

Yan White is a multi-instrumental musician, producer, sound journey creator and circle singing facilitator. He is a RYT500 certified yoga teacher (Jivani Yoga) and has studied Ayurveda with Balaram Chandra Das. Yan has provided soundscapes for 5Rhythms, DANCE mandala and contact improvisation. 
Yan works with community music project Drumunity and plays guitar with The Kirtan Band. He brings a passion for Nada Yoga, music and the healing power of sound and mantra, particularly through vocal toning, sound meditation and kirtan. Through all experiences of yoga he returns to the principle of the inner guru, the teacher we all have inside of us, ready to be awakened. The way we get to know this inner teacher is through gentle guidance, diligent practice and building a loving relationship with our own breath.

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Luana Fara, Costa Rica

Luana is a passionate traveler, Yoga student, practitioner and teacher. She studied the Anusara® Yoga method (Immersions and TT's), and has also practiced Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, AcroYoga and Ashtanga.


She has studied Pilates and Contemporary Dance, and has a deep involvement in holistic health and nutrition, Ayurveda, massage, and more. She loves to teach and share every new experience that comes to her journey and enjoys this process.


She has traveled several times to India where she has deepened her spiritual practice. She has led workshops and retreats in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Italy, Spain and India. Luana truly believes that through the trust and faith in human beings we can make a difference in the world.


Her mantra is "Be aware, and then enjoy the freedom of life".

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