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Day 2. April 4th. Happy Anniversary!

After many days of sleeping an average of 4 hours per day finally I got to rest. Within the festival of the bikes and rickshaws horning all over the place, a hungry stomach and a very hard bed, I made it to sleep like an angel and rested all I needed. I woke up very early in the morning and practiced for an hour in my room before I started the adventure of finding a place with good internet and good coffee.

I went first to the closest restaurant, Madras, but the internet there was very interrupted and slow. At least I was able to make a call to my beloved partner and get to tell each other “Happy Anniversary” before the call got disconnected. After many trials, and after remembering why in India I should only drink coffee at coffee shops where there is a coffee machine, I decided to move and look for another place.

I also wanted to have breakfast, so I read the menu for breakfast: “wheat, rice, more wheat, more rice”, and as some of you might have read in some of my posts I suffer of yeast imbalance in my intestine, also known as Candida imbalance, for which is very counterproductive to eat any type of starch or sugar. That was the moment I realized about something: I really needed to go to the supermarket and buy some options for me to eat.

I decided to go to the organic shop where there is also a nice coffee place. So I was able to talk with my love after buying supplies for the next days: nuts, almonds, cashews, hemp seeds, coconut milk and avocado!

After flowing from call to chat back and forward due to internet quality, we decided to let it go. It felt weird to be apart on our first anniversary, but we also started our relationship being apart, so maybe it's just how our energies work. Even if I miss him so much, I feel blessed for having such a supportive human in my life, as a partner in love.

I started to walk towards Lakshman Jhula. The Sun was strong and the flies were in ecstasy around the streets, so covering my mouth with a scarf was a great idea. I stopped at my favorite coffee shop on the way: The Bakery! Though this time I didn’t eat anything from the bakery, but I did drink one of the best coffees I have ever drank. I don’t know how but this Nepali family do the best americano!

It surprised me the new side walk near the Ganga with benches all the way with an amazing view to the river. I guess I will walk more this time!!!

I found a place to sleep where there is a kitchen which makes me really happy as I will be able to take better care of my particular condition. I also was able to bouy a SIM card which has better connection than any other coffee place internet here in town.

The funny story of the day: a little mouse at the place of the SIM card. I have the feeling this mouse was a pet of the store or something, it was not scared of me at all, I got close to it and it even allowed me to take photos without running away!

Class with Ushaji was amazing, as always. I missed her so much, her precise instructions, her determined energy to make everybody understand what’s going on while we practice a posture. I surprised my self with my eyes watering while we were singing the opening prayer, too much bliss! After 10 minutes in Supta Virasana, my legs felt alive again, and my mind was again in my body!

After class I was starving. I ate a delicious Plain Dal with one of the avocados I bought. I came back to my room and after a delicious hot bucket bath I was ready to sleep. At 10 p.m. I was already in the arms of Morpheus.

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