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Winter solstice, beginning of a new cycle

Today is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.

The winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, because the earth reaches the point in its orbit where, because of its axis tilting angle (23.5 degrees), the North Pole is at its farthest distance from the Sun and therefore there is less hours of Sunlight over the north hemisphere and more over the south.

Something I find extremely interesting is that starting from the winter solstice, each day begins to receive more and more minutes of sun, which means, this day literally marks the rebirth of the Sun. This is highly representative for us living beings, who are absolutely dependent on the energy of the Sun. The rays of Sunlight are supercharging us everyday and as the amount of light changes, we also change.

This time of year is a perfect moment for us to take our attention inside and observe our state of being. This is a moment to find stillness and listen to ourselves in order to set intentions, in order to connect with our purpose and to reshape or readdress our journeys so they are in harmony with a collective awakening, with the expansion of a collective state of love.

The solstice is metaphorically the beginning of a new year. For Brian and I, this day has started to become more important in our calendars, and as we synchronize more and more with nature’s rhythms we start to feel the urge to celebrate that which is actually moving energy inside of us.

During the last weeks, the days have been becoming shorter and the nights longer, till we reach the solstice. This darkness is also reflected in our lives, and is a great mirror allowing us to recognize our own darkness. With gratitude we can acknowledge the importance it has had in our lives by being a teacher and showing us the other side of the coin. When we deeply feel the darkness with compassion, we meditate on wishing for all beings to be free from any type of suffering.

One of our favorite rituals is to write on a piece of paper that which we want to let go, that which no longer serves us, and then with a feeling of gratitude, throw it to the fire.

The winter solstice marks a new beginning and invites us to open the space for what is coming with the new light. To open our hearts to receive and our hands to give, to open our minds to see and our whole being to express its truth.

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