India Journal - The man of the bridge

One week ago, I was coming back from Ushaji’s evening class and while crossing the bridge, there was a man pulling a very heavy cart. There was nobody helping him and as it was night time the bridge was very clean and empty. I decided to help him by pushing the cart from the back.

Once we reached the top of the bridge he didn’t need my help anymore so he smiled to me and I smiled back, then I left. I completely forgot about this, and about him until today when I was about to cross the bridge with my luggage and an old man got closer to me and told me “50 rupees” while he took my luggage on his back.

We immediately recognized each other. He was the same! Not only the same whom I helped one week before but the same with whom we took photos with on the street and it was not till this moment that I recognized him. Again we exchanged a smile and he helped me to carry the luggage. When we arrive to the taxi station I told him, I have photos of you, so I showed him the photos we took. We took a selfie together, shake hands and exchange one last smile and each one left to a different side of the street. This is the type of simple stories that happen in India everyday, which are not necessary amazing adventures full of surprises, but are little miracles in life that keep the heart shining.

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