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Golden Ratio Attunement

The Golden Ratio is the pattern in which all life is created, grows and expands, from a the spiral of a shell, the distance between each leaf on a plant, the movement of the galaxies, till our DNA, the proportions in our bodies, everything.

After I watched the episode “Living through the Golden Ratio”, from Mystery teachings with Theresa Bullard, I started to practice the exercise she proposes to harmonize our frequency to the ratio in which all the Universe, nature outside and within grows, moves and expands. The exercise is simple and powerful: Using your right hand, tap with your index and middle fingers on the left wrist, the first 7 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. Why to do 13 and not to 21? As Theresa explains, because 13 Hz is the wave length in which the brain changes from sleeping to awaken frequency.

After practicing her tapping exercise for some time I started to follow my own intuition and rhythm, so it started to move in other directions and the connection from heart to hands started to become obvious, feeling waves of expansion coming from the heart to the periphery. So I allowed myself to keep tapping into what was arising, until I ended up with the energetic sequence you see in this video.

Energetic Movement Exercise:

The sequence starts by assuming Samudra (index and middle fingers straight, thumb holding ring and little fingers), which is the mudra to balance the two hemispheres of the brain, bringing harmony to the intuitive and rational energies. Then, with Samudra, we perform the tapping exercise explained by Theresa. It is best if you hold your fingers on your wrist between each number and breathe through the mouth to increase the heart rate and promote the imprint of the rhythm.

After finishing with tapping, take a moment to feel your heart, bringing your attention to it, from there bring the right hand to the sternum and follow the inner line of your arm till you reach the palm, stay there and envision a golden light from the heart till your palm and see how it expands through your energy field as you release it. Do the same with the other side.

Inhaling take your hands to your upper back as you envision yourself taking the weight of a limiting belief system being held with your hands and put it in front of you, connecting with the activated field of the heart cut of the threads to the old beliefs, by cutting the space behind your neck and head still performing Samudra.

Clean your Samudra from any remaining old energy and offer this process of reprogramming to the Universe by extending your hands (still in Samudra) in front of you. Finally seal this process in your body by gripping the tips of the extended fingers in front of your third eye, creating an agreement between the heart and the mind. Release with a deep exhalation and take a moment to feel.

Journaling Exercise:

After repeating the sequence for as long as it feels good, take a moment in silence while you ask this question: Which are the structures I have accepted in my life that are limiting me from trusting and expanding, from being my most radiant expression? If possible, write the answer in your journal. At the end write and repeat the mantra: I let go of limiting beliefs. I am grateful for the lessons they have brought into my life, and now I am ready to release them. In this moment I welcome joy and harmony through the infinite possibilities of life.

Practice this exercise for 13 days and observe the different patterns in which you start to tap into. The more you observe and dedicate some time to writing after moving your energy, the more clarity and transformation you will experience.

I truly recommend to watch the whole episode of the documentary (find it on so you can understand better why it is so important to adjust our frequency to the Fibonacci system.

I hope you enjoy it as I did and do!

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